General terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are translated from german to english language. Please be aware that there is no liability for translation faults. To see the origin german terms and conditions please click here: AGB's


1 General


The following terms and conditions govern the conditions for the use of the portal for the online platform "PDFLetters", operated by Christian and Thomas Mühlbauer, Miihlberg 2, 94374 Schwarzach, (hereinafter referred to as PDFLetters) for users who PDFLetters on letters can create.


The services of PDFLetters can of visitors, so users who erstelln letters, want to take note to be retrieved in accordance with the instructions for the user guide.

The user agrees to the registration and by using the services of PDFLetters with the validity of these Terms and Conditions. Conflicting Terms of users will only apply if PDFLetters has accepted this in writing.

PDFLetters reserves the right at any time to adapt or modify these Terms and conditions of user guidance. In the case of adaptation or change the Terms and the instructions for the user guide them to the user will be sent by e-mail four weeks before its entry into force. If the user of the application within four weeks after receipt of the e-mail, the amended GTC and Advice for user guidance shall be deemed adopted. In case of contradiction PDFLetters has the right to terminate the contractual relationship. PDFLetters will alert the user in the e-mail containing the amended terms / notes separately on the importance of this four-week period. This is only for users who take the time of the change in the services of PDFLetters claim.

2 Services of PDFLetters


PDFLetters provides, inter alia, on the Internet the portal ready can the registered users to create their own letters to then download them to a local computer either as a pdf file, or or one or more of sending it by email yourself a third party.

A fully uimfängliche use of the core functionality of is not possible without a registration. Hereinafter, a detailed discussion of the respective functions.


Users can register for free at PDFLetters. When registering, the following information is required: name, user name, email address, password. Then, the account can be used immediately. In addition, the user an e-mail will be sent with his chosen access.

After a successful login, the user has the following functions:

- Create a new blank letter (format dictated) / copying an existing letter / editing a letter or delete a letter

- Fill in the letter elements (Absender-Adresse/Empfänger-Adresse/Betreff/Briefkopf/Brieftext/Gruß/Unterschrift/Anhänge (Photos)

- PDF generation and preview

- Download the Letter PDF file (or print using the browser function)


Guests can create a letter without registration on PDFLetters, but this not add an attachment. The letter may also not be saved.


PDFLetters accepts no verification of information provided by the users at him data and therefore can not ensure its accuracy, integrity or quality. Nevertheless PDFLetters reserves the right to reject any profile in its sole discretion and / or already delete created user profiles. This particularly comes into consideration if it should be known a breach of these Terms and Conditions or legal regulations.

3 contract


The upload of user information in digital form after agreeing to these Terms and Conditions as well as the other transmission of such content to PDFLetters is the offer to conclude a contract of the user. The contract is with the upload of data into existence in the portal of PDFLetters. The contract text is not stored by PDFLetters. A contract is only possible in German language.


Only adult users are allowed to register and use of


4 General obligations of the user


The user agrees to provide complete, timely and truthful information with respect to its data. In the database only serious data may be adjusted.


Each user is allowed only one non-transferable user account login to the portal of PDFLetters and use. The application of multiple user accounts by different users for a client is prohibited.


Users agree to use the services of PDFLetters and / or the property of others by uploading programs, scripts, viruses, bots, etc. not to endanger the service of PDFLetters and / or harm.


Users agree to continue to keep their data secret and not disclose it to third parties. Once a User becomes aware that third parties access to its access or has had, he is obliged to PDFLetters immediately informed and to cause a blocking of the user account. The same applies to any other misuse of a user account.


Users are responsible for all actions that occur in the context of the use of their user account. As far as the access to the access and thus the abuse of a user account is due to the fault of the user, he is liable for the damages PDFLetters up to the date on which the lock is caused incurred.


The User guarantees that it has all necessary rights with respect to the set by him in the database of PDFLetters content that the use and / or disposal of such contents conflict with any rights of third parties and that the posted content does not violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or legal regulations . Users are responsible for the content provided by them. In the event of breach of this warranty or obligations provide users PDFLetters pursuant to the last paragraph of this regulation from any liability.


The user agrees not to (for example, name, etc.) to make changes independently.


In the event that the user has been cited for a photo published with the provider, has issued a cease and desist letter regarding a particular photos or been forbidden by an appropriate restraining order, a judgment or other judicial decision or an official available, a to publish photo, he shall immediately inform in writing to PDFLetters about it.

The user agrees to ultimately PDFLetters and / or with PDFLetters affiliates, and its and / or the employees, agents, shareholders and agents of its related companies from all claims by third parties for infringement of their rights by the contents posted by the user content or to be asserted by any other use of the services of PDFLetters by the user against the provider and / or its affiliates and its and / or the employees, agents, shareholders and agents of its related companies harmless. The user assumes at first demand all costs of legal defense by PDFLetters including all court costs and attorney fees.

5 Special obligations of users

6 Granting of rights



Users acknowledge that third parties have the option of external websites (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc.), forums, etc. to the published in the content to be. To some extent, on these external websites in addition to linking a section of text or a "thumbnail", that released a miniature version of a profile photo or picture. Users agree to such publication of excerpts of their texts and / or thumbnails of its images and photos on external web sites due to the links to explicit and clear PDFLetters and other users of the Web site PDFLetters all rights required for this one.


The user agrees that PDFLetters in the environment of the questions it available content advertising or promotions switches or switches with the use of the content provided by the users advertising or promotions.

7 contract period

User may terminate the free membership at any time PDFLetters. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

8 rights to the database


All rights (copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights) to the database works, the database and the uploaded content, data and other elements belong exclusively to PDFLetters. Any rights of the users to the content posted by them remain unaffected.

Copyright notices or other proprietary notices on the website of PDFLetters may not be changed.


The contents of the database of PDFLetters must not be used to build your own database in any form of media or for a commercial data recovery or provide information.

The integration or other relation of the database or individual elements of the database with other databases or meta-databases is not allowed. PDFLetters reserves the right to revise the information provided to it content.

9 termination

PDFLetters reserves the right to reject data for unlawful violations of its content or technical form, objectively justified principles, modify or delete entirely or to terminate the relationship without notice.

The contract may be terminated at any time properly by the user. All it takes is an informal notice stating the email address of the user and the corresponding password to the email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The ordinary termination of the user has on his bear costs with respect to any costs for the agreed term of no effect.

10 Prohibited content

PDFLetters is a photo then lock immediately if he becomes aware that the data against legal requirements, regulatory prohibitions, third party rights or morality. Are specifically prohibited from taking photos that spread right-wing content, HTTP cookies, for their use, the user is not authorized to obviously violate rights of third parties that contain links to sites of competitors, contain telephone numbers of competitors, contain links to external, not publish PDFLetters Photos , other reasons for the activation contrary.

11 rights violations

PDFLetters respects the rights of others and has the greatest interest to stop the infringing data that have been adjusted by users. Should a user be of the opinion that data violates his rights, PDFLetters asks for a detailed notice by mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . PDFLetters will investigate all serious messages about rights violations without delay and take the appropriate legal action. Any violation will be prosecuted.

12 warranty

The PDFLetters provided by databases and other technical devices reflect the current state of the art. Nevertheless, it may (force majeure, third party, etc.) or come down for maintenance to temporary Einschränlungen the accessibility of the services of PDFLetters due to problems that are not within the sphere of influence of PDFLetters. PDFLetters assumes no liability for a permanent accessibility or retrievability of the letters and is not liable for downtime due to necessary care and maintenance or newly submerged error, insofar as these were not predictable and can also undermine a conscientious average programmer.

Similarly, a liability is excluded if letters can not or will not because of a short-term disruption of the system on schedule created or retrieved.

Claims for defects shall neither in cases of insignificant deviations from the agreed quality still of only minor impairment of usefulness of the letters. Defects immediately in writing and give notice no later than 7 days after cessation of the power elements into the Internet.

13 Limitation of liability

Any claims for damages against PDFLetters are, regardless of the legal reason, unless PDFLetters, his legal representatives or vicarious agents is intent or gross negligence to blame. The liability of PDFLetters for damages to life, body and health as well as liability under the product liability law remains unaffected. In case of breach of fundamental contractual obligations PDFLetters liable for any negligence, but only up to the amount of foreseeable damages.

Claims for damages against PDFLetters expire after 12 months since its inception. This does not include claims based on intent or tort, or arising from the Product Liability Act.

The foregoing limitations of liability shall also apply to affiliated companies and with PDFLetters for a personal liability of employees, representatives, partners and agents of PDFLetters and / or its affiliated companies PDFLetters.

14 charges / invoice


Registration is free of charge. Depending on the current range of PDFLetters (eg premium utilization) can be changed at any time in an extended time-limited use ratio, for the most incur a one-time enrollment fee. In addition, in nongratuitous uses the charges (number of credits) for the respective functions of PDFLetters are different. Runs an extended usage of, the user automatically falls back to the free usage. Charges (eg for accession) are to be paid by credit via Paypal / credit card or bank transfer.


Fee Paid services at PDFLetters be paid with credits. Credits can be purchased via PayPal / credit card or bank transfer and will be credited immediately. The services of PDFLetters are free of charge and they can be paid for in part. More details on this as well as the force at the time of application fees are in a price list on the homepage of PDFLetters be found in the currently valid version.

It is possible that PDFLetters credited to that free credits upon registration of a user. Whether this is the case, you can read from the current price table. It is not permissible for a user creates more than one user account.


The invoice will be issued immediately after placing the order. The current stated on the website Total fees are due with a target of 7 days from the invoice date.

15 late payment

In case of exceeding of payment deadlines PDFLetters is entitled to charge default interest. If the user with payments in arrears, PDFLetters is also entitled without any grace period to block the entry of the user to the open amount.

16 Confidentiality

PDFLetters agrees to keep all information provided by him under the contract user information that it has designated as "private," secret.

17 Final provisions

Only German law. Jurisdiction for all claims arising out of and is due to the use of the services of PDFLetters extent permitted by law, Nuremberg.

Should individual provisions of these Terms in whole or in part, not be legally invalid or lose their legal validity in whole or in part, later, the validity of all parts thereof not affected these Terms and Conditions shall not be affected. Replaced by the statutory provisions which come closest to the intended regulation economically Instead of the invalid provision. The same applies if these Terms have loopholes.



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PDFLetters are not registered users who have a Facebook or LinkedIn account, the opportunity to register these accounts and personal data known there on PDFLetters. You are asked whether you want to allow that Facebook / LinkedIn Your dortig known personal data (eg, e-mail address and first or last name) at PDFLetters passes and thus on PDFLetters during the registration process do not need to enter this data. PDFLetters your account is then associated with your facebook / LinkedIn account. So if you are logged in the future on Facebook, you will automatically be logged in when you visit PDFLetters, this is for you as a user very comfortable. You can cancel the connection to PDFLetters in your facebook / LinkedIn account at any time.